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Whether being part of a team or working alone I am easily adaptable. Before coming to stuck for staff I worked in the high-pressure electrical infrastructure sector. The time spent within that industry provided me with a wealth of transferable and sort after skills. To give a few examples, upon arriving at a job customers would need to be liaised with, talked through the task in hand and have any worries or problems lied to rest. Situations like this have given me the ability to understand how to communicate with people, liaise in a professional, well mannered and courteous way and made me understand the importance of customer service and making sure the customer is always happy. Other situations include when excavation teams need to be organised, this has to be done weeks in advance if they were required on a job, so organizational skills were paramount in making sure all involved parties arrived on the right days and at the right place. Health and Saftey dominated was a large aspect of the electrical sector, filling out and explaining, risk assessments, method statements, coshh statements, safe working practice forms were everyday occurrences and this this gave me the ability to talk and instruct large groups of people, and made me appreciate the health and Saftey of every member of my team. I do have some experience in the promotional industry, this includes: leafleting, flyers I pride myself on my appearance and I always try look as smart as possible for what ever occasion / event I may be attending. In my spare time, I attend the gym, play tennis, run, cycle, walk and generally try to look after my self and have an active lifestyle .I am always seeking a new challenge and trying to better myself whether it be practically, academically or socially. I look forward to any challenge that may present its self via stuck for staff and the related agencies and relish the chance to give maximum effort and enthusiasm. View my contact details, availability, and stats.

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  • Flyer Distribution

    Handing out leaflets and flyers for local clubs Instructing people on how to find the bar and club Explaining the deal to the public Giving out poker chips and flyers as part of a deal, The deals guidelines were -free shot when you handed the chip to the bar staff.

  • Leafleting

    Leafleted for local bars and clubs Handing out flyers to local establishments to generate interest to the up and coming event nights.