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Experience Summary

I am moving to Melbourne in January 2013 and will be available for promotion work. I have over 6 years experience of working in promotions and have done jobs ranging from sampling and demonstrations, to selling and hostessing. I have worked in education administration for 5 years and also previously worked for 6 years in retail. I therefore have excellent customer service skills, use the telephone, email, internet and Microsoft Office on a daily basis and am used to dealing with people from all walks of life. I am friendly, hard working and trustworthy and always give my best. I enjoy going to the gym, dance classes, running and horse riding. I also sing in a band and am learning spanish. View my contact details, availability, and stats.

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Other Experience

I sing in a band.


Other Skills

I sing in a band and I can horse ride


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Extra Information

  • Demonstration

    I worked in Toys R Us demonstrating a new childs handheld computer game and encouraging sales.

  • Greeter / Host(ess)

    I worked for The Independent newspaper as a greeter/hostess. They had an evening at one of the museums in Oxford with local government members and reporters. I had to greet the guests, take their coats to the cloakroom, direct them and get them food and drink.

  • Hospitality

    I worked at a christmas party for Mercedes Benz. Myself and another BA had to dress in cocktail dresses and collect and serve drinks to the guests during the party which was held at a large hotel.

  • In-store

    I have worked on many instore promotions including in various pharmacies for Garnier promoting their different skincare ranges.

  • Leafleting

    I have done many leafleting campaigns for different companies.

  • Mystery Shopping

    I work for several different mystery shopping companies mainly for shops, bars and restaurants. i also do online mystery shopping checking websites.

  • Roadshows

    I have been part of several roadshows. My most recent was in September 2012 for Bavaria 0% Alcohol beer. This involved handing out samples and coupons, working in a "human vending machine" giving out gifts and making people more aware of the brand.

  • Sales

    I recently worked encouraging sales of a Saturday newspaper in a supermarket and giving away a free gifts with each purchase.

  • Sampling

    I have sampled lots of products including skincare, ice cream, yoghurt and beer.

  • Car Driving Licence

    I have a full UK license

  • Computer Skills (Advanced)

    I work daily currently on a computer and am confident using email and Microsoft Office.