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Experience Summary

I am an enthusiastic 29 year old with a background in all sorts of adventures, but mainly in the design realm. I am interested about brands and products and can communicate logic and ideas that underpin products and services with integrity and passion. I have worked with some exciting and highly inspirational people in my life so far and hope to continue doing so. During my MA degree back in 2006 I wrote a 26,000 word Thesis generating literature on brand environments and marketing theory — titled A Brand In Motion. I play soccer (formerly professionally) I run, last year I came 421 from 9K in The Melbourne Half Marathon (not bad for being Scottish). I speak moderate Castilian Spanish, I've been to 86 Cities in 14 Countries, so I guess I love culture. I also used to work as a Deep sea fisherman and once received an email from Steve Jobs. I went to the Olympics in Barcelona 1992 (modelled for Coca Cola while I was there) — went to school in New York City when I was 16 and got rejected from a soccer scholarship in St Louis in 2000. In Summary, I am very proactive, friendly, motivated and can work effectively under pressure. I have a professional nature and feel I would be a valuable asset to any company, with the potential to adapt in new and exciting environments. View my contact details, availability, and stats.

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Other Experience

Worked as a Steward at stadia in Scotland including International Sports Events. Worked in bars and nigh clubs - had cocktail training and been to several beer brand education seminars.



First language: English

Extra Information

  • Flyer Distribution

    I worked in Kensington in London promoting the opening of a new store (dist. flyers)

  • In-store

    I worked in store for a large supermarket brand in London.

  • Leafleting

    I worked in Kensington in London promoting the opening of a new store (dist. flyers)

  • Merchandising

    I've worked in Retail within the UK (Glasgow, Manchester and London) and US (New York City) and have been part of instore merchandising training.

  • Merchandising (Plan O Gram)

    I've worked in Retail within the UK and US and have been part of inshore merchandising. I worked to Plan O Gram at Apple Inc for merchandising.

  • Car Driving Licence

    Full Driving License

  • Computer Skills (Novice)

    Competent with Mac OSX and Windows systems