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I’m sure very few candidates will have such a diverse background and unusual breadth of experience as myself. I graduated with a BA (Hons) in Commercial Music from Paisley University in 2006. I have taken a year to travel Asia and Australasia, which shows initiative and organisation - travelling has given me a deepr appreciation and understanding of other cultures, moreover, it has given me greater independence, confidence and self reliance. My degree shows commitment, organisational and interpersonal skills. I work well autonomously or in a team setting. Having worked for large multinational companies inc HSBC Bank and Virgin Media I am well versed in customer service and sales roles both face to face and in call centre environments and as such I have encountered a wide range of situations and demanding sales targets. I have also worked with children and animals in the past as well. I am a fast learner, confident, versatile and capable of achieving objectives as demonstrated by my degree qualification and employment history. Moreover, throughout my previous employment I have consistently earned the respect of my colleagues and superiors due to my personal and professional manner coupled with my enthusiasm, commitment and meticulous approach. I have always proven myself by using the training given to me to do the job to the best of my ability and as I am passionate about self-development I have made the most of any opportunity to gain extra qualifications in my own time. People find me reliable, approachable, thoughtful and fiercely loyal, with strong morals, as such I relate well to others and easily develop a rapport with colleagues and customers alike. I am conscientious of my appearance and the image I present to others. I am outgoing and an excellent communicator with strong computer skills inc Microsoft Office and complex production software including Protools. View my contact details, availability, and stats.

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Other Experience

I am versatile and a creative thinker. I may never have worked in events management or promotion but my degree (Commercial Music) was based around both of these skills and I an keen to work in this industry.



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Extra Information

  • Hospitality

    I worked as a kitchen porter, chefs assistant and waiter.

  • Mystery Shopping

    I would perform mystery shopper calls to hotels and businesses and then enter my evaluaton into a database.

  • Sales

    I worked in HSBC banks outbound sales department. I would cold call existing customers and discuss their level of service, at this point I would upsell existing bank accounts and cross sell new services including borrowing and insurances.