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Originally from France, I moved to Australia permanently in 2011. In a few words I would describe myself as hardworking and reliable even under pressure. Self-motivated with a positive attitude I am also very customer focused. I’m a temporary resident (permanent resident in November 2014) with no work restriction. Passionate with communication, face-to-face relationships and travels, I love meeting new people. Very adaptable I am seeking for position that will keep me on the move. Before moving to Australia I have had several years experience working in various industries including Retail, Hospitality and Job Recruitment agencies. In fact I started my career working for an Event Promotion Agency as event staff member and Promotion Girl. Over the years I developed a strong sense of high quality customer service and an understanding of a brand image and philosophy. One of the achievements I am most proud of is the year I spent backpacking around South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand between February 2010 and April 2011. I had always wanted to travel by myself with no itinerary, on my own schedule. When I made the decision to finally set off on this adventure, I gave myself a year to prepare, saving money and purchasing flight tickets for my first destination and a return fare. This unique experience taught me a lot about myself and particularly other cultures that I was exposed to during the 14 months of travel. I was well out of my comfort zone but really happy at the same time. Challenging myself to discover. Travelling as a single woman taught me how to be clear-sighted and rely on my intuition to keep myself out of trouble or awkward situations. It also changed my perspective as I witnessed the everyday conditions of women in communities throughout Asia. It made me deeply grateful for the independence and education I had back home in France. Initially, my travel was for the search of adventure, but what I achieved was learning more about myself, gaining more self confidence, open-mindedness and becoming more worldly. I am proud of myself for stepping out and embarking on this journey. View my contact details, availability, and stats.

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