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My most recent role was working for Harding Brothers as a Sales Assistant. Harding Brothers control on-board retail outlets and services for many of the world’s largest cruise companies. Day to day activities would include working on the promotional tables in the ships atrium. I would launch a new product range to the passengers every day of their cruise. I would demonstrate wide range of products to passengers including perfume, luxury gifts, high value jewellery and watches, souvenirs, games and toys. As a qualified perfumist I held regular perfume parties and conducted seminars for the passengers. I would traffic stop in the atrium to increase foot fall into the stores by promoting special events and offering product sampling. Ship life can be very demanding at times, I would often work 14 hour days and worked 7 days a week. Strict rules were enforced on-board and followed to the letter. Punctuality and Grooming were of the highest standard. The job had many rewards as I got the chance to travel extensively around the Mediterranean and Caribbean and saw some amazing places during my time at sea. Working in all areas I gained a comprehensive knowledge of all products enabling cross selling and add-on sales. On-board we worked as a very close knit team, we worked, played and lived together 24 hours a day demanding excellent team work and communication skills.


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Extra Information

  • Acting

    Degree in Acting, also experience in Music Videos, Film, Radio play and Theatre.

  • Bar Person

    Worked behind a busy bar in a nightclub.

  • Computer Skills (Novice)

    GVNQ in IT Skills

  • Make Up Artist

    Worked as Max factor Make-up consultant

  • Roller Skating / Blading

    general ability to rollerskate